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Made in Poland, EUROPE

since 1991


up to 30% off on all products!

15% off on the Limited Edition collection!


We have specially prepared a complete catalog of our products for both wholesale and retail customers, allowing for an easy and enjoyable way to familiarize yourself with our range.


Joyful Sunday Gaudete: Changing Colors and Advent Atmosphere

Joyful Sunday Gaudete: Changing Colors and Advent Atmosphere

Gaudete in Domino-  Rejoice in the Lord What is Gaudete? Joyful Sunday Gaudete is one of the special events during the Advent season, occurring in the third week of this liturgical time. The name...

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Liturgical calendar and vestments color?

Liturgical calendar and vestments color?

Embroidered liturgical vestments in the Catholic liturgy The Catholic liturgy conceals a long series of elements that are of some importance both functionally and purely stylistically. In particul...

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Chasuble or liturgical vestment?

Chasuble or liturgical vestment?

The term liturgical vestments generally refers to the attire used by priests of various hierarchies in the context of their participation in church ceremonies and feasts. These garments differ in v...

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During the celebration of the liturgy in the Catholic Church, the priest is obliged to wear an appropriate outfit known as chasubles,
liturgical vestments or stole. At HaftinaUSA, we offer high-quality liturgical clothing that will make the celebration of the service an even more unique and spiritual event. We would like to point out that the products available on the website are a product of a multi-generational and traditional recipe of the highest quality embroidery!

In addition to clothing for princes, we also offer the possibility of shopping for the so-called altar linen. Our assortment includes
altar tablecloths, chalice sets, tablecloths and other hand-embroidered accessories. Each product is made with maximum care and meticulousness - our best embroiderers watch over every stage of the creation of liturgical vestments and other accessories with a reliable eye.

Step into the sacred realm of Lent with HaftinaUSA, where every element of our site is crafted to honor God's glory. Explore our
collection of Lenten chasubles in rich purple hues, symbolizing penance and preparation. As you browse through our site, adorned with intricate details and sacred imagery, you'll discover the perfect processional canopy to elevate your liturgical procession. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a returning patron, our online sanctuary welcomes you with open arms.

HaftinaUSA- liturgical assortment created in accordance with the Catholic

The most important value for us is to meet the expectations
of our customers. We guarantee that each product is created with a passion for embroidery and has the highest possible quality and unique appearance. For production, we use only the highest quality materials, thanks to which the final product looks phenomenal and works in all conditions.

Our offer is directed mainly to the followers and members of
the Catholic Church. We are well aware of the importance of a properly celebrated Holy Mass for the faithful. Thanks to our embroidered products, the
liturgy can take on a new expression - certainly in terms of aesthetics! There
is nothing else for us to do but to cordially invite you to familiarize
yourself with the offer available on the HaftinaUSA website, while guaranteeing the excellent quality of all products. In case of any problems or doubts, please contact us - our professional staff will surely provide you with appropriate tips.

Discover a world of elegance and tradition with our exquisite collection of liturgical garments at HaftinaUSA. With our dedication
to craftsmanship and heritage, each piece is meticulously crafted to elevate every moment of the sacred liturgy. And to make your shopping experience even more delightful, don't forget to use our popular haftinausa promo codes for
special deals on all HaftinaUSA products, including altar tablecloths, chalice sets, and processional canopies. Stay informed about the latest offers and
promotions as we ship our high-quality items worldwide, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can adorn your sacred space with the finest linens and vestments. Shop with us today and save money with cu while enriching your worship experience.

No matter which country you reside in, offers free shipping on all orders, ensuring that our exquisite liturgical elements
can reach worshippers around the globe. And to further enhance your shopping experience, we create exclusive coupons that unlock special discount internet on our handcrafted products and chasuble.